Sleeves for plaster stations

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22 May 2020

We continue to provide the construction sector with the necessary materials to perform quality work and offer sleeves for the assembly of plastering stations.

These sleeves are applicable for use in plastering stations of the following manufacturers:

PFT, Kaleta, Putzmeister, M-tech, BRINKMANN, BMS, TURBOSOL, GRACO, MORTEL MEISTER, GRAND, BN, DBK, CO, Euromix, SB, CIFA, Maltech, Rety, Typhoon, Novo, Rhythm, Stizo, Grand, KLUGER MEISTER.

The length of the bays for the assembly of plastering stations: 10, 15, 20 meters.

Sleeves can be delivered in the form of finished products and arbitrary cut.

Finished products are equipped with MORTAR fittings (nipple, socket).

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